FAQs about our products

What does the word Smrekovit® mean?

Smrekovit® is our brand name which describes our company's mission and vision – and that is to develop and produce products from spruce resin. The brand name was introduced in order to enhance the recognisability of our products. The word is derived from the Slovenian word “smreka” [spruce] and the Latin word "vita” [life], so it could be understood as “life-giving spruce”.

What are the healing effects of Smrekovit® products?

Spruce resin is used in traditional medicine for a range of diseases in all cultures where this tree grows. The reason for all the healing effects of Smrekovit products is that they contain spruce resin. All our knowledge about its healing effects is drawn from the world of traditional medicine and the many years of experience of thousands of users who use Smrekovit® products. Click here to read more about spruce resin

What else do you make apart from spruce resin products?

Our company specializes in the development and production of medicinal products from spruce resinSpruce resin is a main ingredient in all our products.

What is Smrekovit Klasik (spruce resin ointment)?

Smrekovit Klasik (spruce Resin Ointment) is an ointment made with spruce resin. We have been producing it since 1990 (see History). Smrekovit® Klasik (spruce Resin Ointment) is made entirely of natural ingredients that are used in the food industry and is therefore the only Smrekovit product that is suitable for consumption.

Is Smrekovit® Klasik (Spruce Resin Ointment) edible?

Smrekovit Klasik (Spruce Resin Ointment) is made from ingredients that are used in the food industry, so you can eat half a teaspoon 4 times a day. Since it doesn't taste so good, you can mix it with honey or put it in the fridge to reduce its taste.

What is Smrekovit Ekstra (spruce resin cooling balm)?

Camphor and menthol have long been known for their beneficial effects on sore muscles. In fact, they were used by our ancestors to provide pain relief for tired horses. Ointments and balms made ​​on the basis of these two components were therefore nicknamed “horse balm”. Such mixtures provide effective pain relief. Smrekovit Ekstra (spruce resin cooling balm) combines the soothing effects of camphor and menthol and the healing effects of spruce resin.  

Is Smrekovit Ekstra (spruce resin cooling balm) edible?

No! Smrekovit Ekstra (spruce resin cooling balm) is NOT SUITABLE for consumption because the ointment base contains essential oils, camphor and menthol.

Is Smrekovit Ekstra "horse balm"?

Smrekovit Ekstra (spruce resin cooling balm) contains the same active ingredients as horse balm, but its main component is of course also spruce resin. Thus it combines the pain relieving effect of horse balm and the healing effect of spruce resin.

Where can I learn more about Smrekovit® products?

You can contact us at any time by writing to our address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling our phone number +386 1 320 54 99.

Where can I share my own experiences with Smrekovit® products?

You can share your experience with our products on our facebook wall or write a review. Other users will be grateful.

How do I remove stains caused by Smrekovit® products from clothing?

We recommend that, on the parts of your body where you wish to apply our products, you wear clothing that can be washed at 60°C with laundry powder. In such circumstances, stains can usually be removed without any problem. For persistent stains, try using a special cleaner for tar and sap (e.g.Fleckentaufel, stain devil...).


Ordering and Shipping Questions

How can I order Smrekovit® products?

Smrekovit products can be ordered on our websites (English, Croatian or Slovenian), by writing to our address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling our phone number +386 1 320 54 99. They can also be purchased in our stores across Slovenia.

Can Smrekovit® products be ordered from abroad?

Smrekovit® products are shipped all over the world. There is a uniform shipping charge of 5€, regardless of the amount of goods ordered and the payment method. Some countries outside EU are subject to certain restrictions, customs duties and other charges:

  • EU member states: goods are not subject to additional taxes and customs duties.
  • Serbia: we recommend that your order is no greater than 50€. Orders above this limit will be subject to additional taxes and customs duties in your country.
  • Countries outside the EU: for information regarding additional taxes and customs duties, please contact the customs office in your country.



Smrekovit Klasik (spruce resin ointment) has really helped heal my long-standing injuries that would not heal before. It also helps me when I’m feeling tired as it improves blood circulation in the muscles and speeds up the regeneration process. I always take it along when I go to training. It's great!

Primož Peterka, Slovenia's most successful ski jumper



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