Company History

Our Spruce Resin Ointment (Smrekovit Klasik)  was first created by Ivo Konc in 1990. The driving force behind this invention was the unbearable back pain that he had ever since the age of 10 when he suffered from TBE. His problems only intensified, becoming so severe that, at the end of his studies at the Faculty of Sport, he was relieved of his obligation to take practical exams and in 1974 he was relieved of his obligation to carry out military service in the Yugoslav People's Army. At that time, a medical specialist recommended that he should undergo surgery, saying it was the only way to avoid disability before the age of thirty. However, Ivo refused surgery and began looking for natural treatment methods. This led him to Mrs Prežle in the town of Lesce, who gave him resin clay which effectively helped him cope with his back pain.

Ivo Konc producing spruce resin ointment in 1995In 1989, he dislocated his finger and the black and sticky clay that Mrs Prežle had given him was not suitable for treatment, so he decided to make his first Spruce Resin Ointment. Although he was unable to use his invention to heal his dislocated finger, he found it to be effective for many other problems. Over the period of two years, many friends, neighbours and acquaintances who had tried his Spruce Resin Ointmentwere so enthusiastic about its effectiveness that word spread rapidly. He soon began receiving purchase orders from all across the former Yugoslavia and in 1990 he opened up his own business.

Through his knowledge of functional anatomy (as a professor of physical education), his experience with sports injuries during his 20-years of working as a ski jumping coach (he even took part in the rise of Nordic Combined skiing in the mid-90s) and his work as a therapist for the NK Naklo first division football team in the early 90s, and under the influence of Gregor Ahčin from Domžale, he managed to develop his own method of soft manipulation for the treatment of spinal and other problems. His method and Spruce Resin Ointment have helped many people – free of charge. In 2011, he was forced to discontinue his therapies due to his own spinal problems and his method of soft manipulation was successfully continued by Roman Perko, a former junior world champion in Nordic Combined skiing.

Knowledge of the healing effects of spruce resin, obtained through the experience of the many people who used his spruce ointment, and the exploration of its chemical properties led to a number of new products that were designed by Ivo Konc and his son Matic Konc who took over the company and its mission in 2010.

In 2008 the brand name Smrekovit was introduced in order to enhance the recognisability of our products. Our focus on how to continuously improve the performance of spruce resin, which is already incredibly beneficial, led us to develop a new product in 2010 - Smrekovit Ekstra (spruce resin cooling balm). This product combines the healing effect of spruce resin and the pain relieving effect of camphor and menthol. The desire for more knowledge and the further development of Smrekovit products drove Matic Konc to study laboratory biomedicine at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana after completing his studies at the Faculty of Sport. The new knowledge and many years of experience will undoubtedly help us to ensure better and more efficient Smrekovit products.


As in any sport, it is impossible to avoid injuries in telemark skiing. I use Smrekovit products on all injuries because their composition helps injuries to heal faster and, above all, to naturally heal themself. Regardless of whether it is a sprain, bruise, infection or just a sore throat, I always use Smrekovit products. They say that there are herbal remedies for every conceivable illness - and spruce is enough for me. Your ointment is really great, thank God for it!

David Primožič, World Champion in telemark skiing (2003)


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